Sunday, December 2, 2012

Remodeling the Second Bath Was Uber Cheap!!

When I bought my house I looked for one that did not need much work but also wasn't perfect so I could put my own touches on it. The two major places I wanted to update were the two small bathrooms, so I immediately started shopping!

I visited every home improvement store within 10 miles of my home and started stalking the clearance aisles. I kept in mind the features that I wanted and needed. For example, the vanity needs to have drawer and if you've ever shopped for vanities you will find out that drawers don't come cheap!

One Saturday afternoon we were stalking the clearance aisles as usual when I stumbled across a great vanity. It included the sink and a drawer...perfect!! But there was one had no price. Now please learn this lesson from me, a girl who once got a beautiful Targus laptop bag for $1, which normally retailed for $60, simply because there was no tag on it and no one else had bothered to check the price, so it just sat there on the shelf as the price went down every week! ALWAYS check the price!! So learning from that lucky experience, I found a service rep and asked him for the price. "Well, it was $240, but usually they go down at least 50% when someone returns it." (OK so $120...not bad, right?) Well we continued to talk and by the time he finished filling out the replacement price tag, he decided to drop the price to $80!! 

With that great price I was able to afford to do more than I had originally planned :-) 

Here's how it broke down:

  • $80 vanity with sink top from Lowe's
  • Already loved bathroom accessories, so I purposely matched new pieces to that look
  • $1 knobs for wall cabinet from Habitat for Humanity
  • Accessories from Ross (Target brand) $15
  • Glass tile $12 per sq ft, but such a small section, a splurge was totally within the budget
  • 3 wicker baskets with cotton liners only $12 at Walmart

$80 Vanity
$12 Tile
$15 Mortar and Grout
$10 Shower Curtain
$5 Tooth Brush Holder
$12 Wicker Baskets
+$2 Hardware

Yep, that's right...Under $150 to redo the bathroom!!

$2.87 at Lowe's

$1.00 at Habitat for Humanity