Monday, March 4, 2013

My 3 Store, $55 Shopping Spree

I started out just shopping for some new black pumps...well I did end up with some awesome black pumps, and some leopard print ones, and a wok, a spring form pan, a stoneware casserole dish, some food...I think you get the idea. My trunk was full and I had only spent $55!!

We started the evening with a 20% coupon from Payless that I had found on my phone's RetailMeNot app (my new favorite app!) That really was my only planned stop for the night, that is until I saw all the people coming out of BigLots and I mentioned to my mom how crowded they seemed. She told me it was their 20% off night...ok so you know where we're going next ;-)

At Payless I scored a pair of black pumps (originally $32.99, on sale for $22.99) and leopard pumps (also originally $32.99, on sale for $10!). Take an additional 20% off and I walk away with 2 pairs of awesome pumps for $28.51 total (including tax)!

So next we head to Biglots, the we pick up food and a spice rack that I've been eyeing for awhile, but you know I won't pay full price for anything. The cheapest I've ever seen it was $8.99, at BigLots it was $5 and tonight was an additional 20% off your entire purchase. Left BigLots spending only $13.70. 

I recall making a comment like "Hey wanna go to Ross? Hopefully our good luck will continue there too." Well continue it did indeed...after browsing the store for a while and not really finding anything that I needed, we happened upon the clearance aislet at jsut the right time...the associate was marking everything in the aisle down for final sale. And wow, this was even a new one to me...when they mark them down to sell, they mark them WAAAAY down! I grabbed ...

...a Wolfgang Puck 12" Stainless Steel Wok for $4!!!! (out of curiosity I Googled this after I got home and found they run about $40!)

...A Le Creuset stoneware casserole dish (retails for $30) only $4!

...A spring form pan (usually $10) only $2!

...Also a under cabinet organizational drawer for $2 and a ceramic napkin holder for $1! 

*Phew* That was fun! All in all, I spent $55 and got some long awaited kitchen goodies and 2 awesome pairs of shoes! :-D

What is the best surprise deal you ever found? I'd love to hear 'em!