Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home decor

Refinished my 12 year old son's baby dresser to match my espresso bedroom for $41!

I had used my son's dresser that used to be his changing table/dresser for 12 years, but now I wanted to update my bedroom with a more modern dark wood. This dresser had served me so well and was solid wood...very hard to find nowadays, so I didn't  want to let it go to waste and I definitely didn't  want to buy cheapy dresser for $100 that was just going to fall apart in a year. 

So I decided to try my hand at refinishing it!


  • Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformation Kit $35
  • Hardware $6

I love this Rust-Oleum product!! It was so easy, looks great, and there's plenty to do this dresser plus at least one night stand (definitely worth $35)! I did this project 8 months ago and there's still no chips or scratches! Did I say I love this stuff?! 



 In my bedroom...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Travel on a Budget

You can travel cheap...if you know how...

My bf lives on the East Coast, I'm on the West...needless to say, we've gotten pretty good at finding cheap plane tickets. Here are a few of our key tips:

  1. By late...prices seem to drop 3-5 weeks prior to the travel dates. I know this can be scary but if you can take the chance, take it, it could save you a bundle!
  2. Search constantly...prices can change dramatically in a heart beat, especially in the middle of the night and early morning.
  3. Buy low, buy quick...don't think about it! Once I saw tickets for $222 roundtrip and I waited an hour..boy did I regret it when they went back up to $350 as I was purchasing them!
  4. Shop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays...this tends to be when airlines put tickets on sale.
  5. Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays...historically these are the cheapest travel dates.
  6. Check nearby may be surprised how much you can save by driving an hour, but keep in mind the cost of gas and possible parking fees.
  7. Sign-up for frequent flyer brother travels home for free from Nebraska to Cali often through his Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. Frequent flyer memberships are free, so why not join?
  8. Check out additional fees that may apply, like luggage. Most major airlines allow a free carry-on item, but if you need more luggage, it's usually around $25 per bag each way and I've heard they are going up for some airlines.
  9. BE FLEXIBLE! Traveling a week or even a day later may save you a load of cash! 

Want a nice Valentine's Day weekend in Hawaii? Why not go a week later? Put that $100 savings towards a really, really nice dinner, or upgraded hotel room:

Fri Feb 15th - Mon Feb 18th - $490
Fri Feb 22nd - Mon Feb 25th - $397

Want to go in June instead? Try taking one extra day off work and save $200:

Tues June 11th - Sat June 15th - $660
Mon June 3rd - Fri June 11th - $463