Friday, October 18, 2013

Pirate Birthday Party

We had a pirate birthday party for my youngest this past weekend. Since the present I was getting him (a Kindle) was pretty expensive, I needed to keep the price of his party down. Here's how I did it...Food Table...Salty Dogs (hot dogs), Golden Nuggets (tater tots), Fish & Chips (potatoes chips and goldfish crackers), and Pretzel Planks
  • Table Cloths - $2
  • Plates - $2
  • Cups - $2
  • Food Signs - $0
Tip: For the tableware buy one or two patterned items (i.e. cups, plates, or napkins) and buy matching solid color tableware. I chose to match the red and white in the cups I found at Target for less than $2. You can get the matching solid color tableware for $1 at the Dollar Store or Walmart. That's 50 cents per place setting, rather than at least $1.30  each if you were to buy all matching themed tableware.  

White cupcakes, vanilla frosting, and crushed graham crackers for sand

Treasure Hunt: Fill a bucket or kiddie pool with a bag of play sand and bury jewels for the kiddos to dig out. This was a lots of fun and the treasure they dig out is theirs to keep.

Bought a pirate hat at the dollar store, some red material at the fabric store,  eye patches came with the swords (the ones in the picture were actually a gift that a party goer brought), and took 2 black scarves from my closet that the boys tied around their waists, so cute!

My main tip is "keep it simple, less really is more". The kids had a blast and we spent less than $50 on everything (including food for everyone)! 

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